Short Desciption

This project bring together 6 Special Schools from EU all with a slightly different area of focus and expertise but all school are aware of the social isolation of their pupils. Our project aims to tackle this issue and enable our pupils to play a more productive and involved role in our European society. Our efforts aim to ensure we raise skill levels of these vulnerable students and have a direct and life long impact on the connectivity with society in general.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Christmas at Friedrich-Elvers-Schule- Heide, Germany

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pupils at Friedrich-Elvers-Schule in Heide decorated the christmas tree in the school hall and their classrooms. Pupils at Friedrich-Elvers-Schule in Hennstedt built and decorated colourful and sweet gingerbread houses.

Through their creative work they all contribute greatly to create a christmas spirit at school.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

St Joseph's Pupils Christmas Concert 2020 - Ireland

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together and all who went above and beyond to wrap it up to such a fab short movie. 

Congratulations St Joseph's Pupils ! You are such a bunch of legends !! 



Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Greetings from Schulzentrum FIDS Vienna

Some pupils wishing you Merry Christmas in the different partner languages - Croatian, English, German and Slovenish.


Merry Christmas in the different languages - students from Thornfield school , Northern Ireland UK

We looked up the distance between our different countries, found the flags (I hope they are all correct). 

We looked up how to say Merry Christmas in the different languages, I hope you recognise these greetings.

The pupils chose a country to research.  They then searched the internet for the population of that country, its capital and copied and pasted a picture from the country and added it to their Word Document.


Pupils at St Joseph's Special School in Galway getting creative.

Pupils at St Joseph's Special School in Galway have been very busy getting creative. Here's some of  our art work.