Short Desciption

This project bring together 6 Special Schools from EU all with a slightly different area of focus and expertise but all school are aware of the social isolation of their pupils. Our project aims to tackle this issue and enable our pupils to play a more productive and involved role in our European society. Our efforts aim to ensure we raise skill levels of these vulnerable students and have a direct and life long impact on the connectivity with society in general.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Thornfield House School Northern Ireland- Some of our Home Economics work

 The Making Easter Egg nests was completed by our Y8 before Easter. They were able to take them home and share them with their family.

Making pizzas. Our Y8 pupils loved making the pizzas and choosing their own toppings. The HE ( Mrs. McAllister) teacher was able to get pizza boxes for our pupils to bring them home. They looked very professional.

Thornfield House School & Outreach Services - Art work from Y8

John Luka was born in Belfast. 1906-1975. He was a painter, sculpter, muralist and print maker most of Northern Ireland landscapes.

Our Y8 class were shown a variety of his print work.  Then they drew a scene they chose from Northern Ireland and drew this on paper.  They then transferred the outline scene unto fabric.  Next they used Gold Gutta to cover these outlined lines.  When this had dried they used fabric dyes to colour in their artwork.  They concentrated really well and had lots of fun.  They were able to frame their work if they wanted to.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Ptuj- Slovenia, celebrate World Autism Awareness Day - #lightitupblue

Every year on April 2, we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

People with autism do not have the disease, they just think differently, and above all, they feel and understand the world around them differently.  That they are among us and that they need a lot of understanding, support and heart, the global campaign "Light it up blue" raises awareness.  With the help of the mayor Nuška Gajšek, Ptuj also turns blue for one day every year.


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easter Art Thornfield House School - North Ireland UK , Class 8

This task involved designing an Easter scene and printing on polystyrene tiles using washable markers.  The individual tiles were then joined in a circle to make an Easter Wreath. Class 8 loved it and it's on display in the window. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Happy Easter, Schulzentrum Vienna, Austria

Some Easter impressions from our students. Have a happy Easter!

World Down Syndrome Day in Tomislav Špoljar School, Varaždin-Croatia

The centre’s students celebrated World Down Syndrome Day with various activities, each class in their own classroom. The OOS students participated in making a frame with multicoloured socks on them. The frame is located in the school atrium so anybody who wishes to take a photo, can do so in “Instagram corner” that was created by school’s social pedagogue.

OOS A 10 students and students of 7.a class held a zoom meeting, while obeying current epidemiological guidelines At the begging of the meeting, they showed each other their multicoloured socks and gave a wave hello with their feet. OOS A 10 students sang a song, and then together they played “We are happy children”*.

6th grade students talked about uniqueness, differences and acceptance.

The students coloured in the multicoloured socks, read a story “My friend’s got Down Syndrome” and made a poster.

In the period between 23rd and 26th of March, students voted on the best pair of multicoloured socks. Everybody who wore two different socks, participated.

*Croatian national children’s song

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Schulzentrum Quellenstraße Vienna, Austria introduce itself

The Schulzentrum Quellenstraße located in 10th Viennese City District “Favoriten” is a school for children of 6-14 years of age with special educational needs especially slow learners. Of a total of 100 pupils are in 8 classes. Our school employs 24 special needs educators.

 All the teachers in our school are special educated teachers and professionals, speech therapists, social workers, sport teacher.  Our main working fields are health care, ecological education, job training, Agenda21 (a project especially for girls), animal-assisted education, theatre project, dance and sport project and many more.