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This project bring together 6 Special Schools from EU all with a slightly different area of focus and expertise but all school are aware of the social isolation of their pupils. Our project aims to tackle this issue and enable our pupils to play a more productive and involved role in our European society. Our efforts aim to ensure we raise skill levels of these vulnerable students and have a direct and life long impact on the connectivity with society in general.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Penfriends from Heide, Germany visited Schulzentrum im FIDS Quellenstraße, Vienna - Austria

 On 13th of December our penfriends from Heide, Germany visited Vienna for a week. On Tuesday they came to our school and spend the day with us. In the morning they spend some time to get to know each other, especially their penfriend. Afterwards a group started in the kitchen with Mario to bake some christmas cookies, so called Vanillekipferl. The other group handicrafted a snowman made of a white sock and rice inside with Silvia. For relaxing our gym teacher Peter built a sports parcour in our gym which was really funny. The students were exhausted and hungry after this sporty time. So we all had some pizzas for lunch together.  We all had a great time together and it was really nice to meet our german penfriends face to face.



Monday, January 16, 2023

Collecting plastic caps and donating them to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association- Tomislav Špoljar Varaždin, Croatia

For the second year in the consecution, the students of the Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar have been collecting plastic caps and donating them to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association. In this way, they help the members of the association to get expensive medicines. The students collected almost 200 kg of plastic caps between September and the end of December.

Friday, December 30, 2022

December in Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar, Varaždin, Croatia

During December, students diligently decorated their classrooms and school corridors, sang appropriate Christmas carols.


On the last day of classes on December 23, 2022, the students prepared a performance for their parents. Parents and family members enjoyed the students' acting, singing, and dancing. Santa Claus also came to the performance and gave sweets to the students.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

School Advent fence - OŠ dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

In the month of November 2022, we started planning how to beautify the school yard in the pre-holiday atmosphere for our students and parents, as well as for the surrounding residents. 

We decided to work together to create an  Advent fence that will brighten the days of December for all passers-by. Each class was given the task of painting one elf on the prepared chipboards. The fence took on a new look every day - with each day there was a new dwarf on the fence. All 18 departments at the school participated and everyone created according to their own ideas. The students participated according to their abilities - some colored the drawn sketches, others created templates, others helped with the help of teachers, and the fourth painted everything themselves. 

We are extremely proud of the whole, which was complete the day before Christmas. It is something special. How did we do it? 

The idea leader of the Advent fence, teacher Vojka Havlas

Students created under the mentorship of their class teachers

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Pre-Christmas visit our pen pals from Varaždin – OŠ dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

On Monday, December 19th, 2022, students and mentors from Erasmus+ project »Get to know us« went to Varaždin. The purpose of our trip was to get to know Christmas Varaždin, and above all  to visit our pen - pals in person.

First, we drove to our partners school - Tomislava Špoljar Center. From there we went together to the old city center of Varaždin. In the city, each pen pals also officially met. Of course, we took photos of them on this occasion. Our Croatian friends then took us through the streets of Varaždin. Among other things, we visited Santa's House (Kuču Deda mraza), an ice rink with an ice slide, took quite a few photos and warmed up with hot tea.

At the very end of our meeting, our friends invited us to their place in the school for lunch. They also provided dessert. With all the hospitality, they said goodbye to us with beautiful gifts that will always remind us of our Croatian friends.

The day passed too quickly. It was a short but sweet meeting. We look forward to our Croatian friends visiting us during the carnival. We will do our best to be good hosts.

Thank you for a wonderful day.

 Tanja, Marjetka, Vesna, Nuša, Emanuel, Tomaž, Gašper

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Year 8/9 went to Belfast Christmas Market - Thornfield House School & Outreach Services, Belfast

 Year 8/9 went to Belfast Christmas Market.  It was situated outside Belfast City Hall in their grounds.  They had a wonderful time.  They saw stalls from Germany, France, Switzerland and the Russian Orthodox mission, Santa Claus Grotto, and the Christmas tree inside the City Hall.   They loved it and sampled some treats on their way round!

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Report about the Erasmus+ Visit to School Center Quellenstraße, Vienna, Austria

„Subject area Inclusion, Diversity und Special Education“ 1100 Vienna, Quellenstraße 52, Tel: +43 1/602 11 48 E-Mail:

from 3rd till the 7th of October 2022


After former meetings in Varazdin (CRO), Heide (DE) and Belfast (GB-NIR), twenty-five colleagues from five European countries (GB-NIR, SLO, IRL, DE and CRO) from the field of special education met for the fourth time in Vienna from October 3 to 7 to exchange experiences within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project "Get to know us".

The main focus of the meeting in Vienna this time was the professional area of the Austrian special education system as well as the implementation of inclusion and diversity especially in the educational area of the Viennese special schools. In addition to the possibility of observation in inclusion and special education classes at different school locations in the 10th district of Vienna (Campus Monte Laa, VS Klausenburgerstraße, MS Leibnizgasse, OMS Absberggasse and FIDS Quellenstraße), the international guests were able to get a comprehensive picture of the didactical and methodological parameters of differentiated instruction in different school levels as well as multi-level classes on site. The subsequent exchange of experiences in individual and group meetings as well as the two presentations of system-relevant officials of the Vienna Directorate of Education in the areas of "school quality management in the Vienna school system" and "special educational needs in the Vienna school system" enabled all project participants to gain a deeper, substantial and sustainable insight into "Inclusion, Diversity and Special Education" in Vienna.

Alongside the professional and educational topics of the stay, the participants also learned about the cultural characteristics of the cosmopolitan city of Vienna during a city tour and an official reception at Vienna City Hall. A guided tour through the 1st district of Vienna as well as guided visits to traditional Viennese sights (Naschmarkt, Danube Park and Tower, Vienna Prater with a ride on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and the Museum of Art History) rounded off the cultural program for the 25 participants.

The Austrian evening in traditional folk costume and the performance of traditional Austrian folk songs as well as culinary delicacies may certainly be termed as a highlight. The evening was highly complimented by all attendees and characterized an excellent success.  

In the context of the project in Vienna aimed points and goals are mentioned below:

The objective of the project was to share best practices and knowledge among the six partner schools. Furthermore to improve social inclusion of our pupils and increase their social skills through staff-training. This allows them to communicate more effectively within school, their social environment and with society in general; can thus be seen as implemented and fulfilled from the host's point of view. In concrete terms, the following program points were implemented during this week in cooperation between hosts and guests.

Activity report of mobility in Vienna in the period from 3rd till the 7th of October 2022:

Monday, 3rd of October (Day 1): Welcome of all our colleagues from Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Slovenia at School Center Quellenstraße at the library with coffee, tea, snacks and Smalltalk. Afterwards, our principal Katharine Ostermann welcomed the guests and subsequently the school center Quellenstraße for students with special educational needs was presented to the guests by means of a PowerPoint presentation. This was followed by a presentation on "School Quality Management in the Viennese School System" by Barbara Würzelberger. Finally, the premises of the school site were visited by all guests in small groups and the equipment, furnishings and room layout of the site were discussed in initial professional talks.

At the final meeting the weekly schedule with all planned activities (lectures, courses, excursions, ...) were presented again and last adaptations were made. At the same time the Erasmus+ coordinator Mr. Colm Burns shared with the latest news about our project. While the individual country coordinators met afterwards, the remaining participants went on their way to the agreed common dinner.

Tuesday, 4th of October (Day 2):  On this day, the first technical study and teaching groups were scheduled. In order to be able to offer the participants a good insight, three rotating study groups A, B & C were formed in order to evenly distribute the group size of the international guests among the planned teaching focuses as well as contents. The three main focuses could thus be visited and intensively experienced by all teachers.

Group A: Motor skills parkour with Peter at the playground: Sports therapy aims to improve our students' motor skills and get them more engaged with activities as well as the world around them, with an emphasis on the five senses.

Group B: Technical work with Mario and Silvia in the workroom: Fine motor skills, creativity as well as the safe handling of different tools and materials are in the foreground as well as the cooperation of the two teachers "team-teaching" in dealing with school children with special needs.

Group C: Music and singing with Doris in the classroom: Musicality as an expression of the personal mood and individual personality of each student is the focus of this course. The individual creativity as well as the social behaviour in heterogeneous communities by means of music, singing and performing play on the basis of a school class with children with special needs were illustrated to the colleagues in this lesson.

After the completion of the three rotating study groups, a joint lunch, prepared by the school children in the school kitchen for our guests and served in the school library, was followed by a guided tour of the sights in Vienna's city centre before the Erasmus+ Team Vienna invited to a traditional Austrian evening with classical folk songs, local delicacies and regional clothing (traditional costume, dirndl, lederhosen) in the premises of our school location.

Wednesday, 5th of October (Day 3): The third day started with all participants from our partner schools directly at Karlsplatz. During an informative walk along Vienna's Ringstrasse, the colleagues gained valuable knowledge about the impressive historical buildings along the world-famous boulevard on their way to today's destination "Vienna City Hall".  After the official reception of our delegation in the Vienna City Hall and the welcoming words, the visit of the extensive and well-known library with numerous precious exhibits from the Austrian contemporary history as well as the visit of the contemporary history exhibition "The Wedding in Ausschwitz" took place in parallel. An extraordinary, historically documented, story from the time of National Socialism.

Thursday, 6th of October (Day 4): On the fourth day, our guests were able to visit four different school locations and types (Campus Monte Laa, VS Klausenburgerstraße, MS Leibnizgasse, OMS Absberggasse and FIDS Quellenstraße) to see how inclusion works together in the Viennese school network on site and to learn useful information about the operation, the learning content, the goals and ways of inclusion, diversity and team teaching directly from the colleagues/teachers. In order to adapt the group sizes to the classes, a division was necessary for this and the distribution of the respective nations to all four offered school locations. The sustainable exchange of information and the lively discussions between our guests at the following lunch made the morning a successful example of a "best practice" when a broad spectrum of expertise can be offered to give interested colleagues a broad overview of "Special Educational Needs in the Viennese School System".

After lunch (preparation and presentation by students from our school), the morning program was followed by two very informative presentations on the topics at the four inclusive school sites: "Inclusion, Diversity and Special Education" and "Special educational needs in the Vienna School system". Both lectures served as a supplement as well as a deepening of the focal points already conveyed during this week. The contents should help the colleagues present to better understand the key points, goals, difficulties and solutions for inclusion, diversity and schooling in the field of special education and to recognize the similarities as well as the differences in the national school systems (Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Slovenia).  In the afternoon, guided visits to traditional Viennese sights (Naschmarkt, Danube Park and Tower, Vienna Prater with a ride on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and the Kunsthistorisches Museum) were on the program. The evening ended in a typical Viennese restaurant in the Vienna Prater.

Friday, 7th of October (Day 5): On the last day of the mobility in Vienna, there was a lively exchange about the impressions and experiences gained. During the visit we achieved the goals we had set and all activities took place as planned (this time without COVID restrictions). The group cohesion was strengthened as well as deepened, which allows us to implement experiences in our future work, but also promotes the relationship within the schools. All partners expressed great satisfaction with the organization (especially the home evening!) of this week and with the experiences/insights they gained in working with students with limitations and special needs and the possibilities of their integration into the community.